More stunning wedding invitations


I recently received this wedding invitation – I love it! I am quite excited to see what the theme of the decorations will be. I know that the bride has been very busy making decorations for the venue – the invites have all been handmade.

I love the natural look of the hessian fabric and the colour scheme the bride has chosen; I think the blues work very well with the orange and the yellow.  I’m not sure if they are lovebirds on the invitation, however whenever I see any type of bird on a wedding invite I always think of lovebirds.  I really like the way that all the information on the invite is clear and concise. The RSVP is clear and states ‘kindly reply’ for guests who may not know what RSVP stands for. Check out my blog here about RSVP’s.

Watch this space for my blog about their big day.



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