Some beautiful keepsakes


I recently conducted the wedding of my best friends younger sister and it was an amazing day, I have a blog coming up about it, but while I wait for the photos I thought I would share with you a bit about the beautiful keepsakes that she had on her very special day.

I loved their stunning ‘order of service’ booklets – some couples choose not to have the booklets, but these were especially lovely. They were made with a really lovely heavy paper, printed only on the inside and the back. They included information like the introduction to the service, introducing all of the bridal party and a thank you to a number if people who had helped them with the ceremony. They were folded up and had an adjoining piece of coloured paper to keep them together. There were a number if different colours so each booklet was not the same. The thing that I loved most about the ‘order of service’ booklets was the vintage handkerchief that was attached to each one. It is such a great idea, they were beautiful handkerchiefs attached with string – not just a stock standard white cloth bought in bulk. Some had small decorations tied to them and others had a little note saying ‘happy tears’.



Another lovely touch was the gingerbread lovebirds that I believe were made by the bride’s mother. They included gluten free gingerbread as well to cater to everyone’s tastes. There were lots of lovely sweets but the gingerbread lovebirds were really a stand out for me.  They also had handmade cake bags that were pretty special.  Everything tied together beautifully – such a beautiful wedding. I can’t wait to get some photos and share their truly amazing wedding day with you all.



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