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Save the Date cards have become quite an essential part of planning a wedding, everyone can become preoccupied with their busy lives and forget important dates. It is a great way to ensure all your guests can plan ahead for your special day.  Unlike wedding invitations, there is no need to be formal; you can have some fun with them. You can choose to match them to your stationary planned for the wedding, however some people haven’t made concrete decisions at the time of saving the date. Some people know from the very beginning what theme they want and match the save the date card accordingly, others choose to have some fun creating their save the date card and leave the formalities to the invitation.

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Some lovely ideas are to photograph yourselves together when you got engaged or to do a ‘photo booth’ style save the date card, you can include different text at the bottom of each of the shots – printed or you may decide to have both you and your partner holding up little signs. You can go all out and have fortune cookies made up with the date printed inside, or you could create custom magnets or matchbooks. If you are having a destination wedding it could be an idea to have a boarding pass style save the date card in theme with the ceremony.

Save the date cards can be such a great way to try something different that you and your partner can relate too – one of my friends had a fantastic comic book themed save the date, with Spiderman. Her husband to be LOVES Spiderman, it was not a continuing theme for the initiations, however I think there will have to be a sneaky appearance from Spiderman at some point during the ceremony – stay tuned for the blog post!

Thanks again to Untamed Images for the photos on this weeks blog. Pop over to their website and have a look at some of their other lovely photos.



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