One thing that many couples often have problems with is guests replying to their invitations. I happened to me when I sent out my invitations and to most couples I have spoken with. There are some preventative measures that you can take.

1. Send a response card, accompanying your invitations.    

Sending a response card is a great way to try and get people to reply and to find out certain dietary requirements. One invitation I received asked the guests what song they would like to hear at the reception, a good way to get a response. I remember thinking long and hard about the answer, it’s one RSVP card that definitely got sent back. Sending the response card back is a good gesture, especially when the bride and groom have gone to the trouble to include it with the invitation. It is a good idea to include an email address and/or phone number with the invitation too, so that people have the choice to RSVP through alternative means.

2. Give yourself time between the RSVP date and the date your venue needs guest numbers.

This not only allows time for the post, which can sometimes be slow, but also for people who forget and send it back at a later date. This also leaves time if you need to call people who have failed to respond, alternatively you can have your Mum or  Maid/Matron of Honour to call and ask if they will be attending.


3. Make things clear.

As odd as it may seem, some people may not know what RSVP means, you can use another phrase such as: please respond by (date) or the favour of a reply is requested by (date). This will make your intent for a response from all guests crystal clear.

4. Send your invites at the appropriate time. 

Send your invites 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding, most couples send out a save the date card at an earlier time. Don’t send the invitation too early, as people will forget to reply – with the exception of a destination wedding; you will need to give your guests much more time to make travel and accommodation arrangements. This will give your guests a long enough period to arrange time off work. You should also leave a longer time between RSVP and wedding dates, as more plans in regards to venues for the ceremony and reception need to be made in advance.

Do you have any tips to help ensure that people respond to a wedding invitation?


Thank-you to Vision House Photography for the photos on this blog. Check out there website here. Or have a look here at their blog it has lots of other great photos too.


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