Wedding Proposals


I am currently in the process of writing a number of blogs dedicated to marriage proposals. The one question everyone asks without fail once a couple becomes engaged is; ‘how did he propose?’ or ‘how did you propose?’ I have asked this question many a time myself, to many friends and even people I’m not well acquainted with. I love to hear each couple’s story not only because I am a celebrant, just because I love to get caught up in the romance of it all.

It is a moment that can have a lot of pressure attached to it.  Most men feel pressure no matter how big the proposal. Regardless, you will always remember a proposal forever, even if it happens in a blinding romantic flash you will always remember the moment. Some guys are worried about the ring. Maybe she won’t be happy with the choice of restaurant? Could a beach be romantic enough? Will you know when the moment is right?  Personally I believe that your fiancé should know you well enough to gage how much effort you have contributed to the proposal. If you are not an overly romantic person, don’t feel pressured to change to fit the societal norm, be yourself, which is just as thoughtful as an extravagant proposal. I have a great blog about this coming up so stay tuned.


A friend of mine was proposed to in Central Park in New York, she thought that her partner was bending down to tie his shoelace, it was a total surprise.  My best friend was proposed to in front of the Mona Lisa – a very romantic setting I feel. Another one of my friends asked his fiancé to marry him while they were in a hot air balloon. Some people have been surprised by an aeroplane ride over a stunning beach and others have had a casual Sunday morning proposal in pyjamas. No matter how it happens you will never forget the moment shared with your nearest and dearest.

This weeks beautiful photos are from Untamed Images, check out their website here. Thanks Keith and Betty.

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