Planning your perfect Ceremony


Your wedding day should reflect you and your partner, it should be all about you, and your personalities can shine through in all areas of the ceremony.  From the music that you walk down the aisle to and use when you sign the register, to the music that you have when the ceremony ends. I believe that all of these should mean something to you. Check out my blog about wedding music here.

Writing your own vows sounds daunting for most couples, but this can be an enjoyable and special experience. I have found that most couples know what kind of vows they want and are happy to write them, or they know what they want to say and want me to write them for them, which I really enjoy too. This is the part of the wedding process that I really enjoy, working out what couples really want to say to one another. Vows are an extremely important part of the ceremony, you can’t be legally married without having vows and there are legal requirements for part of the vows that you must say, but you can also have personalised vows too. You can decide to have only the legal part of the vows if you wish. They are fairly short and maybe some people find these quite unromantic. However, some couples like to stick with traditional kinds of vows and that is fine. I think that some of these are very lovely and powerful words. Some couples want to say something funny and others want their vows to be quite serious and really personal. Using words that mean a lot to them and express what is important to them about this aspect of the marriage ceremony. I have written about this before if you like you can see that blog here, about writing your own vows.

Ringshothats RearDressKMKiss

Another great way to let your personality shine through at your wedding is wedding readings. Although bible readings or romantic poems about love are popular, it may be an original piece that has been written for you by someone close to you, or it can be a funny reading that expresses your personality. Alternatively it could be your favourite Shakespeare sonnet or quote. Some people choose to have someone read lyrics of their favourite song.

One thing that I really love is when people who are guests at the wedding come up and tell me that a ceremony really encapsulated ‘them’. I feel like I have done my job and have helped the couple create a wedding that is personal and original. Not only does it make my job more interesting, I get to know the couple more this way too.

I enjoy letting people know that their wedding can work the way that they want it and not have to follow a strict format – that they have options to include people and things that are important to them into this very special moment in their lives. It makes me happy when people put a lot of what they love into a ceremony and put so much of themselves into it. You know that the wedding that has been created wouldn’t work for anyone else.

IMG_9641-Edit-Edit Girls

It is not just the ceremony that can work like this; you can work on making all different aspects of the wedding really reflect you. If you are true to what you love it will all come together nicely, your invitations can be in your personal style and there are so many personal touches that you can make on your special day. Your cake and your wedding theme are all things that you can use to make your wedding perfectly you. Take the opportunity to express yourself and give your imagination free rein.

I think that your wedding should be exactly what you as a couple want it to be and should have things that people smile and think ‘that is so perfectly them’. It may be the candle ceremony that you choose to have, the cute bomboniere that you have, or the song that you share your first dance to, or the cars that you arrive in or……….. I could go on for hours.  Don’t be afraid to really let your personalities shine through in what you choose for what is YOUR day.

Thanks again to Vision House Photography for the use of the beautiful images. Check out the Vision House Photography website here.

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