My Wedding Day

wedding1My wedding was on a perfect Saturday in March, in Mildura. We were both young, and I thought I knew more about the world than I did. I knew nothing about weddings, nothing about what you can have and what you can do with weddings. I didn’t realise that we could make it so much more personal than it was. I didn’t know about writing my own vows about music that can be used or about anything except that I wanted to be married.

Looking back now there are things that we would change, but only small things, like music (definitely)  I would probably have a song that meant something to me coming down the aisle, rather than the traditional bridal march, something like Gorcki by Lamb, or Angus and Julia Stone’s, Wedding Song or  Forever by Ben Harper. Just something that said a little more about me and my husband. (some of these weren’t released I know) I would probably have a different hairstyle, and a handful of the guest list would be different, but all things considered it was 13 years ago and no matter when you get married there are little things that I’m sure everyone would want to change about their day.

All of that aside, we had a lovely wedding day. It was in a beautiful church, with all of our family and friends at the time. My step father conducted the ceremony, which was heartfelt and emotional.  My Mum walked me down the aisle, as I felt she should, she was the one that raised me and it just felt right to do. My sister (11 years old at the time) did a lovely reading. We had some of our best friends  (and I’m happy to say people that are still some of our best friends) stand beside us while we became husband and wife. We promised to share our lives together and stand by each other in sickness and health, for better for worse.

We had a beautiful reception at Trentham Estate Winery. We had lovely food and drank great wine with our family and friends. We had a small group of people because at the time the restaurant only held 50 people, we ended up having 46 people there, and even that was quite tricky to make sure that we got around to everyone and had a bit of time with them all.  The weather was perfect for drinking wine on the river. We had our photos done at Trentham Estate too, so that all of the family shots could be done and people could see us having our photos done by the river while they ate canapés.  I have really  fond memories of the day, spending time with people that I loved, in a perfect setting. I remember laying on the grass laughing with friends, feeling the sun on my face watching the river in my wedding dress, running downhill for our infrared wedding photos, sharing our first meal and husband and wife with special friends and family members, some of who are no longer with us, waving at little girls from the wedding car and wearing my wedding dress into Coles.  Yes, I did wear my wedding dress into Coles, I always said that if you spend that much money on a wedding dress you should wear it ALL day, and I made sure that I did that.



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3 responses to “My Wedding Day

  1. Gorgeous… I get a feeling for your day. I can picture it well.
    I wore my wedding dress down the street in Bergen Norway and into a Japanese restaurant. I wore it watching “Just shoot me” on tv with Norwegian dubbing. I wore it into an Op Shop to buy a white shall cos it was getting rainy. Jon ironed my dress for over an hour, to try get the creases out. As you know my wedding had noone but the celebrant and her housemate – we had no music, no guests, no reception, no hens night, and no stress. If I did it again, I think the only change would be a very very small group of hand picked people. But weddings are just the beginning of a lifetime of awesome.

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