Hair and Make Up styles

One thing that I get very excited about is hair and make up styles.  Your wedding day can put a great pressure on you to look your best. You should dedicate some time into considering various hair and make up styles. Your hair style and make up that you choose will be recorded forever in photos and videos, so make sure you do plenty of research as to what you want with your style for the day.

You may choose to research on the Internet, in magazines or you could do your research on Pinterest (Check out my blog about planning your day with Pinterest here). A lot of brides choose to trial the styling before the big day. A certain style may look great in a photo, however it may not be suited to your strengths. Similarly you may find that once trialed, it does not suit your bridesmaid’s style and may not look cohesive. There would be nothing worse than on the day not being happy with the way that your hair and make up  have been done. If you decide not to have a trail endeavour to ensure that someone you trust has seen the stylist’s work. Sometimes it is not practical to have a trial; if you are having a destination wedding or for some reason, you will not be arriving where you are having your wedding until very close to the date.

I think that you hair and makeup should match with the style of your dress, but make sure that you still feel comfortable in your own skin – you don’t want to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. If you don’t normally wear much make up be mindful of that on the day, you don’t want to have too much on, (you probably still need to wear enough for photography purposes), and don’t forget that you also deserve some pampering after everything you have organized. Some people enjoy being styled and feel quite pampered after a hair or make up trial, if it isn’t something that you really like, maybe treat yourself to a massage or a spa treatment instead.

Obviously you want to feel beautiful, feeling comfortable will come across in your photos. The most important thing is that you feel amazing, it is one day that you will have countless photos taken and a day that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Thanks to Corey from Vision House Photography for the stunning images. Check out the Vision House Photography website here.


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