Trash the Dress

Trash the dress is a image captured usually when the bride and groom are in water ultimately ‘trashing’ the wedding dress – this could be jumping in the water from a great height or half submerged on a beach ect. Trash the dress is becoming more and more popular among couples. Coming from a photographic background I can understand the appeal. From a photographers point of view you get to take a different sort of shot and have fun with it. The bride and groom also benefit from a trash the dress shoot as you can get a selection of truly amazing and original images. It does make for a fantastic photo on the wall.  There a few pros and cons to ‘trash the dress’ – many people often won’t use the dress they got married in and may decide to shoot after the wedding day. Especially if it involves a more dramatic composition, such as; jumping from a great height and into water, it would probably be a bit strange to turn up to your reception soaked to the skin. You may choose to do the shoot a while after your wedding – a nice chance to wear your dress again.  Some people even decide to shoot some months down the track, often in a more appropriate season to trash their dress. It is probably a good idea not to dry clean the dress prior to the shoot. Not all of the trash the dress shots that I have seen look effective, some of them even look a bit outdated, but then again some of them are pulled off well and look simply stunning.

These are some photos of Megs and Nate’s wedding (see the blog about it here) that I did last year where Megs wanted to have shots taken in the water, she was wet at the reception (not that you could tell unless she told you), but that didn’t stop them from having an amazing time, and getting some beautiful shots. Thanks to Steve Sowden for the use of his images check out his website here.

Have you seen any amazing trash the dress shots or know anyone who has had an amazing shoot?



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