Tips for a stress free bridal party

I recently blogged about the responsibilities of the bridal party, however not everything falls on the party, there are certain things that the bride and groom should and shouldn’t do.


* Be up front early on with what you need the bridal party to do and what they will be expected to pay for.

* Consider who they will be partnered with, and what they will be wearing – make sure that they are comfortable with all aspects of the wedding.

* Make sure they are the right people for the job (see my blog about selecting and honouring people in your wedding party).

* Make sure the dates of all of your hens days, bucks days and bridal showers are all not too close together, I know that the wedding day IS all about you, however be wary that they have other commitments in their life that they need to work around.

* Trust the nearest and dearest to you to help when they offer a hand, you don’t have to do everything yourself.


* Don’t expect that for weeks on end before the wedding your bridal party will be free to help with things required for your special day.

* Don’t make every job that needs to be done, a necessity for only the people involved in your wedding party. If name places need to be hand written, ask for someone’s help but make sure that people know that they don’t have to do it. This can be a great way to include others that are not in the bridal party – get others involved in helping with different things that they may be good at or interested in. Not only do you get the job done, but your are also including others giving you a chance to spend more time with people who you are close with but are not necessarily a part of the bridal party.

* Don’t get upset at your friend if she tells you that she will be heavily pregnant at your wedding, realise that this is a major thing to happen in your friends life, just as much as your wedding is in yours, work around it, make sure she is up to being a part of the bridal party, try not to get cross if she’s not up to the responsibility.

* Don’t expect your bridal party to know what you need or want them to do, communicate with them and ask for help when needed, don’t get upset because they can’t read your mind. Say ‘thank you’ when they help,  making things easier for you. A grateful thanks goes a long way, and may come in handy if your prone to stress  or snap.

* Don’t forget that these people love you and you love them, remember that they want the best for you on your special day and try not to turn into bridezilla or groomzilla.

Do you have any tips for people in bridal parties or brides and grooms when it comes to the bridal party?

Thanks to Corey Brown for more great images, check out his new website for Vision House Photography here, or the new blog here.



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2 responses to “Tips for a stress free bridal party

  1. Great Advice Deb… I think you’ve nailed a couple of points there.

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