Bespoke Weddings

What is a bespoke wedding? Bespoke means made to order or rather ‘custom-made’. Ultimately your wedding should be designed to fit both you and your partner’s personal aesthetic. You should make sure that your wedding reflects this and not that of what may be considered the norm. Your wedding is something that you put lots of time and care into preparing, you will spend hours looking at dresses, finding the venue that’s best for you and creating the invitations. When it comes to the ceremony you don’t necessarily have to settle for the ‘stock standard’. No one would pick the first wedding dress they find with out a fair amount of research beforehand – you should feel beautiful and special while still maintaining your sense of style. Your ceremony should reflect that too.

I find a bespoke wedding sensible. I love the idea of getting to know couples, listening to their story and what they want in their wedding. Writing a wedding from scratch gives couples a one off ceremony that represents them and their ideals. For me it makes the whole process more interesting too, personalising the wedding and finding out things about the bride and groom is a great experience. Not only do you get to have a wedding that reflects both you and your partner, but having a celebrant who knows more about you helps when the ceremony is being delivered. It is exciting for me to know what things are important to the bride and groom and to get insight into who they may want to be involved in the ceremony.

It is a great way to create a ceremony that speaks not only to the couple but also to the hearts of the people that the bride and groom have invited to share their special day with them. A bespoke wedding is a lovely opportunity to say what you want to say, about yourselves, your relationship, your goals and hopes and dreams for your future together.

Thank-you to Lauren from Purely Taken. Photography, for the use of her lovely images, check out her website here, or have a look at her latest blog here.



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