Walking down the Aisle

Walking down a traditional church aisle, or your entrance at any other venue, such as a park or beach that you choose for your wedding day, is a really important part of the ritual. Personally I love this moment, I am so lucky, I get to do this job and watch so many people walk down the aisle. It is a moment that everyone is waiting for and everyone is excited about. It is the moment that the Groom traditionally gets to see the bride for the first time in her beautiful dress, and the moment that they have waited for.

It is something that only you can decide, but who will walk you down the aisle? Traditionally a Bride would have her father walk her down the aisle, but times are changing and people have lots of different and significant people in their lives. And for some people it doesn’t accurately reflect their family unit, or who they are. Alternatives include: both parents walking them down the aisle, or just their Mum, or one of their siblings. Others choose to walk down on their own. I’m not sure if I would like this myself, as it is great to have someone with you for support, and it is special for the person who accompanies you.  Don’t think that you can’t be creative with this part of your wedding, again it is your day, and you should be your decision.

One dilemma I’ve heard of is, should their father or step-father walk them down the aisle? No one wants to upset one by choosing the other. You can walk down in two parts if you want both of them to do it. There is no hard and fast rule about how this should be done, you should have who you want with you. Although you need  to be mindful of how people will feel, at the end of the day, it is you who is walking down the aisle. Some people choose to walk down the aisle as a couple and this is a great way to do it if your having a small wedding or think that choosing one or two people to walk down with you will cause fights or upset some people. It is a great way to include children, if there are children from a previous relationship, or your children are older, and you want them to be included in your ceremony. This can be a very special way of including them in the ceremony.

Most of all, it is about importance of this moment when the Bride walks down the aisle, whoever she chooses to walk beside her, or if she chooses to walk it alone, or with the man who is about to become her husband.  However, I think that before she does, she should pause and take a moment to think about the day, it is the day she has spent countless hours planning, and maybe dreaming about for much of her life. Take a moment to breathe— Enjoy the moment! The day will fly by.

Thanks again to Corey Brown for the use of his great images. Check out his other work here.



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