Seating Plans

Do you need a seating plan? Great question, this may seem like quite a daunting task, but it outweighs the alternative – so many things can go wrong if you are having a sit down meal at your reception with no designated seats. Without a well thought out seating plan, couples could be split up and not sitting with anyone they know, people could miss out on being seated with friends (feeling somewhat neglected) and your grandparents or older relatives could end up being seated where they can’t see or hear important parts of the event.

For some couples a seating plan may seem like the least of their worries, however towards the end when the majority of people have been allocated a seat bar a few, it can be difficult to ensure everyone will be happy with their seat. Taking certain personality traits into account is another consideration. Try to avoid allocating tables with all of the people who could not be seated with their preferred peers. This could result in a table that have people from all different age and friendship groups, making it quite apparent that this table was put together out of convenience. Most people (I stress most) will be able to find something that they have in common with whomever they are seated with. The guests all have some sort of connection to the bride or groom – making it easy to strike up any conversation about the couple and their special day.

You and your partner are the best judge of whom the guests will and won’t get along with.  It makes sense that you put guests together that will get along and have things to talk about – this may not necessarily be people who have met in the past. After all when there is a sit down meal, the dynamic of each table can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of the reception.

The majority of the guests are going to the wedding to celebrate their family or friends marriage, but most often people want to socialise with others they know and connect with, not just their partner. I have been to quite a few weddings where I have known about half the people on the table, but not the other – this is a great way to meet people and to get to know other friends or family of the bride and groom.

Great conversation means your guests are more likely to enjoy the reception, especially when a select few are on your table for a three-course meal.


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