Honeymoon decisions

Who doesn’t want to think about a holiday? Especially a well-earned holiday with the love of your life. A honeymoon can have as many options as the wedding itself.  Will you go away straight after your big day or will you wait a little while until everything has settled down, or until the season is just right for the destination that you have chosen?

There are pros and cons to taking your honeymoon immediately after the ceremony just as much as waiting for the right time.

On one hand, if you go as soon as you are married, you can escape the stress of preparing your perfect day and just relax. This is a great idea if you are going to a romantic island or somewhere that you don’t need to rush and see all the sights, perhaps somewhere that you have been before. Alternatively making a decision to spend your honeymoon on a cruise or in luxury accommodation can be just as beneficial.

On the other hand if you are planning to honeymoon somewhere that has many exciting sights to see and tours to offer – keeping you both busy for the most part –  this might be something that you would rather take time to plan after you have overcome all the stress of the wedding. In some cases you may have gone a little (or a lot) over budget on the wedding and want to wait a while so that you can accumulate the right amount of funds for your special trip. There are a few things you should keep in mind if you are going to wait and plan your perfect honeymoon. If you are changing your name you will need to ensure you book tickets in your new name and change your passport before you go, or make sure that you book in your maiden name if you won’t have time to get a new passport. Check out my blog here for tips on changing your name.

If planning your honeymoon is becoming too tiresome, maybe a destination wedding is best suited to you – however, that is an entirely new subject!

What do you think you will do, or how did you decide what the perfect time was to take your honeymoon?  Did you go straight after the ceremony or did you wait?

Thanks to Michael Thomas for the use of his amazing images, check out his other work  here.


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4 responses to “Honeymoon decisions

  1. Lozz

    My husband & I went to Glenelg, Adelaide for a 4 day honeymoon just over a year ago. Our plan was to wait a bit til the timing was better and we would go to a few different places – one being Vietman. We figured we had lived together for 4 years before our wedding day and had many holidays in that time. Really, we have a whole lifetime together. 🙂

  2. I agree, it is nice to think of the lifetime of holidays you will have together and the great memories that you will make.

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