Transport at your Wedding

One thing that I wish I had paid more attention to at my wedding was transport!  More and more couples have been  choosing to make arrangements for their guests so that they don’t have problems getting from the ceremony venue to the reception and sometimes even back from the reception if they are all staying in one area. It is a great way to be assured that all your guests will get home safely and avoid calling taxis. At one wedding that I attended, the grooms uncle was the designated driver for the day and none of us had to worry about knowing where we were going, or how much champagne anyone had at the reception.  At a wedding that I have coming up in a few months, the couple have organised with a motel close by to have reduced rates for their friends and a mini bus to transport people back there after the reception.

Another thing that the bride and groom need to think about is how are they going to get to the ceremony, reception and wherever they are staying on there wedding night.  If you are having attendants, how will they get from the ceremony to where the photos are being taken and then to the reception. If if you are hiring vehicles it is important to consider whether it is cheaper for them to leave at certain times or better to hire them for the whole day.  If the brides parents travelled with her to the ceremony is there a way for them to get to the next part of the wedding. Some couples may feel that it is not really their problem to worry about how other people will get where they need to go. But I think that you will find that your family and friends will be incredibly grateful if you think of them when planning your day. Thanks again to Corey Brown for the use of his fantastic images. Check out his blog here.

Did you have any interesting or helpful travel tips that helped you on your day, or hints to help others avoid a situation that you had?


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