A Story of Love

My Nan and Pa have been married for 61 years. Even though my Nan won’t eat at the table with my Pa (because he chews his dinner too loud) I know that they are still in love. Recently I asked her about when she met my Pa. It was at a dance, she told me ‘back in the day when people danced properly, not just got up and shook their body.’ We spoke some about dances in her day, and she told me that Pa noticed her but she didn’t notice him until he asked her to dance.  There wasn’t a question about a second date that night. But the next day that she was at work, when she finished for the day and was leaving the office to go home for the day, there he was waiting for her. She didn’t really recognise him at first as he wasn’t all flashed up like he was for the dance, but it didn’t take her long to remember.

They got married after about a year of dating, but apparently there was quite a bit of controversy. The date of the wedding had to be brought forward due to my Great Grandmother wanting to go to England to visit with some of her relatives. This must have been the catalyst that got the rumour mill going. To make matters worse, my Nan had some fabric that she was saving for her wedding dress, but her mother sold it. Lovely fabric was quite sort after, you couldn’t just pop down to Spotlight and grab something like we do nowadays. So she had to have a pale blue wedding outfit and as you can imagine there were tongues were wagging about that. This was the first that I heard about this as all the photos are in black and white.

My Nan and Pa had 5 daughters over the next  decade and then decided to adopt a boy to complete their family. My Pa worked hard and was a mechanic, I always remember him in those times with grease in the creases of his hands and under his fingernails. Concurrently, my Nan was always with an animal of some description on her lap.  They have had many trials and disappointments and lots of joy and celebration in their lives together, but spending the day with them and watching the way they interact is lovely. Pa makes sure than Nan is eating her lunch in her special chair with her special tray, and listens when she nags him about wearing sunscreen. They still do things that makes each of them happy. They listen to each other or at least it appears that they do. But most importantly they are always on each others side when it matters the most.



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2 responses to “A Story of Love

  1. That gives us all hope Deb, that’s gorgeous.

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