Joel and Marika

A few weeks ago I had the honour of conducting the ceremony of the wedding of Joel and Marika.  I properly met Joel and Marika a few months before their wedding. We have a few mutual friends so I had met them before at my friends house but never really spoke to them properly.  A dear friend of the couple was training to become a celebrant, but unfortunately was not appointed in time to do their wedding. Therefore one of our friends suggested that they give me a call. We met up and discussed all the options that they had for their wedding and what is was they were hoping for in their ceremony.

Their day turned out to be lovely. Marika arrived with her attendants by ferry and they were married in a beautiful amphitheatre at the Footscray Community Arts Centre. They were surrounded by lots of family and friends. Joel’s God-Daughter and Marika’s nephew were the ring bearers . After the ceremony all of their guests boarded the ferry and travelled down to Seaworks, where their reception was being held. I was lucky enough to also be invited to the reception and Seaworks was a really lovely reception venue.  It was so tranquil to be looking out over the Marina and watching the sunset over the boats at Williamstown. I met some fantastic people, and listened to some wonderful, heartfelt speeches. It really is an awesome experience to be able to meet these great people and join them in marriage. It was also a pleasure to stay and celebrate with them and their family and friends. It really is an honour for me to do what I do.

Thank you Joel and Marika for a absolutely amazing day, and for allowing me to be a part of it.
Thanks to Kate Seabrook, for the images of Joel and Marika’s stunning day, check out Kate’s work at

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