Facebook and your Wedding

In the digital age there are only a few people who I know who don’t have Facebook, Twitter or some form of social media. There are a few things that can make a wedding process less problematic. Just by realising that as much as people love social media, not all of them are thrilled about hearing your big news at the same time that the person you went to primary school with and haven’t seen for 14 years does. It is a good idea to let your family and close friends know before you change your relationship status to engaged, or post photos of the ring.

It is also a good idea to be careful how much you tell people on Facebook. It is all well and good, to announce things that you are doing, but be mindful  if there are some people that will feel left out it might not be fair to have it flashing on their newsfeed. There might be people that want to be invited to the kitchen tea, hens or bucks nights that are not invited, and the photos of those  occasions might cause you to get some unwanted grief whether it is directly or indirectly. Maybe for these events it would be good to create a group so that the people who were at the event can view the photos.

Be sure to make it clear that people still need to RSVP. I might be old fashioned on this one, but facebook to me is not acceptable RSVP-ing and if you agree with me and think that people should send their RSVP card to you or call you, don’t be tempted to complain on facebook that people have not replied to you about the wedding. Call them and ask. It also rubs salt into the peoples wounds who thought that they would be invited and haven’t been. I have heard a story about a full family feud starting about this exact problem, where certain members of a family weren’t invited. When the bride had a facebook status about how rude it was that people had not responded to the invite those who were not invited made quite a public display of how unhappy they were that they were not invited.

Most of us like to put our exciting news and fun photos on facebook, but thinking ahead about who is in your friends list and who might see what you are posting might make an already crazy stressful time that little bit easier.  Its ensures avoiding some messages or explaining that you don’t really want to and shouldn’t have to do. It is your day after all and you should be able to have fun and invite and not invite those who you choose.

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