Changing your name?

An interesting question that most people will ask the bride at some stage close to or at the wedding, is if she is going to change her name. It is an intriguing topic and one that there is no rules that you have to stick to. The bride really has so many options, she can keep her own name, change to her husbands name, use both in whatever order, or hyphenate them together.

For various reasons some brides don’t want to give up their maiden name. She may be one of the last in her family that has that name and would like the name to carry on. Or it may be due to her career, for example a dear friend of mine kept her name for that reason. She was known on television using that name and had built quite a reputation with her maiden name. You can still use your husbands name for whatever you like, but have all of your identification in your maiden name. This kind of combination is perfectly legal, but can sometimes become confusing.

To change your name on your identification most places will require you to obtain your marriage certificate from Birth, Deaths and Marriages. The one that you are given on your wedding day will not do for most places, you can look up more information about this certificate through BDM here.

Some couples want to have a new name together, a name that they choose or a combination of their current names. There is nothing to say that you both can’t change your name and start a whole new ‘family’ name together.  With this option you would both have to apply for a change of name.

If you are going on an overseas honeymoon soon after the wedding it is probably best to still book the tickets in your maiden name. Or at least a name that is currently on your drivers licence or passport as you might not have time to change it until after the honeymoon. For more information about changing your name on your passport click here.

Just remember that changing your name is up to you, only you can make the decision on what you want it to be.



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