Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Back in the day, a bride only had female attendants and heaven forbid if a groom had a female friend. If a groom did in fact have a female friend, he would not dare have them in the wedding. Now days things are a bit different and it is perfectly ‘normal’ to have whomever you like in your bridal party. There are many people who are now opting for a mixed bridal party. I have recently been to a couple of weddings where there has been a mixed bridal party. My cousin included his sister as one of his attendants, which was really lovely, she had a different dress to the bridesmaids and it was really nice as they are very close friends as well as siblings. I suppose that some people may argue that she could have just been a bridesmaid, but I think it was great that she was on the grooms side. I also have a couple that I have just conducted the wedding of that included one of the grooms female best friends as one of  attendants. I don’t think that one of your best friends should be overlooked  just because they are of the opposite sex.

Couples are not always making their attendants wear all the same outfits too. It is fine if all of the attendants have the same body shape and all look good in the same outfit. This looks great, and I am in no way saying that people shouldn’t have that if that is what they want, but there are more and more brides that I come into contact with that are realising that their bridal party are sometimes very different people with very different body types and tastes. There are ways that you can work this into your day, and depending on the kind of wedding you want and the kind of person you are, there are a number of options that you have if you want your bridal party to have a little more input or control over what they wear. One option is picking a colour  buying a fabric and letting the attendants choose what they wear as long as it is in that colour, (with bride and groom approval of course). I have seen some great weddings where  this has been done and it looks better than I thought that it would. It works especially well when people are comfortable in what they are wearing. Confidence in how a bridesmaid or groomsman looks, comes across  in the way that they carry themselves and in the way they present themselves in photos. Another way that you can do this is to have something that is a common theme. For example it may be with a shawl, flowers, funky shoes for the boys or hairstyles of the girls.

Most couples choose their Bridesmaids and Groomsmen because they are people that they love and are close to their heart, not because they are all girls or guys, or all fit into a perfect size outfit. Most people are honoured to be asked to be in a wedding, but I’m sure that they would be glad that the bride and groom spent a little bit of time thinking about what they are wearing and if they will look good in it or be able to wear it again.

Thanks to Kirralee for the use of her stunning photos, check out her blog here


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  1. Katrina Cole

    Congrats Rubs!! I’m so happy things are coming together for you with this exciting adventure! I still live in HOPE that one day, I may need your very fine services. Much, much love, Trina xo

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