Beautiful Wedding Invitations

I have a wedding coming up in April that I’m sure is going to be very lovely. The couple, Karen and Jonny are going to get married on a little island in the middle of some beautiful gardens. I  was lucky enough to get one of the invitations. I find that it really helps when getting a feel for the wedding to see the invitations. I knew what to expect to an extent from spending time with them discussing things that they want included in the ceremony, but the invitations just took it to the next level for me.  I am sure that it helps that Karen is a graphic designer, but everything about the invitations is lovely. From the moment that I held the green sparkly envelope in my hand it felt special.

When I opened it up it looked so amazing that I almost didn’t want to open it. With the beautiful ribbon, fern and rafia, it just looked too special. I think that Karen has done a wonderful job building the excitement and expectation. It’s almost like you feel when you are waiting for the bride to arrive at a wedding. When it opens up, the invitation itself is written on warm vivid autumn colours. This is a colour scheme which we will see on the day around the lake and little island.  There is a great detailed card with all sorts of information about where to park, how to get there and what shoes that they suggest that you wear. They have also created a RSVP card, all matching I might add and a great map with lots of instructions. I have only gotten to know Karen through emails and the few times that we have met. But her exceptionally organised personality shines through in this wonderful wedding invitation. I can’t wait to see what they have got planned for the big day.

I am looking forward to going out to the venue for the rehearsal and seeing this beautiful location. I will make sure to post some photos when it all happens, so you are all able to see what I have been writing about.

If you are looking for some wedding stationary, you can always drop Karen an email on


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