Sand Ceremonies with Children

A sand ceremony is perfect if the couple have children together already, or have children from a previous relationship. It is a great way for children to be involved in the ceremony, especially if there are a lot of children ranging in age.

Each child has a small vase sand, as do the bride and groom. There is a large vase that everyone pours their sand into to represent the family.You can have a different colour for each person or it can just be sand that has been collected prior to the wedding. If you are having a ceremony on the beach sand from that beach can be used.  The couple pour the sand into the vase and then the children pour their sand into the vase next. Words can be recited explaining how the foundation of the family will be the parents and that the children will have room to grow and thrive in the family. Which is linked back to the idea that there will be a foundation of love and acceptance that the parents promise to have in their family.

It is also a nice idea to choose a member of the extended family or a grandparent read a poem of play a song that holds a familiar significance to the family. It is a great way to  explain that the sand is now unable to be separated, in fact it would be impossible to do so.  It can then be kept for the family  as it is and displayed where all members of the family can see it or some of the mixed sand could be put into individual containers and presented to the children. If you want to take the concept even further you could also speak about the children being able to look at this if they ever feel alone, or just need to remember that no matter what happens they are all a family now and nothing can separate them.

There are so many ways that you can include children in your wedding ceremony, what ever you can imagine can be done.  With children, I think it is just so important to let them know that there is plenty of love to share, and that you and your partner love them too. The creative part is finding unique ways to represent this in your wedding ceremony.


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