Wedding locations

The place that you choose to get married is an important one and because of this there are quite of a few things that need to be considered. You can get married pretty much any where you want, on a vineyard, beach, park or even a hot air balloon.  Although I haven’t married someone in a hot air balloon, ………yet.

There are a few things that you need to work out. If it is a venue or a chapel, there may be time limits on how long the wedding ceremony can last. If there is going to be more weddings that day in the same venue you might want to find out if there is a chance that you or your guests may be leaving when another bridal party is arriving. It may also be of use to find out about confetti use, some venues charge you if you a fee for cleaning it up.

If you are thinking of getting married  in a beach or a park you need to look into getting a permit from the council, and depending where it is there are different types of permits depending on the amount of people and the amount of time you are going to be there.

You also might want to look at times that the sun sets, and even something like the tides if you are getting married on the beach. It is a good idea to check the location at the time that you would be getting married.  That way you can see where the sun will be in relation to where you are standing. You really don’t want to decide on where you will stand and then find that the sun will be in the eyes of your guests or in your eyes when you are trying to exchange your vows.

Another thing to consider is noise, such as how much noise will there be around there. If your wedding is going to be at a park, is it close to a main road? Or is there something that is going to make a noise at a certain time of the day, if the park is near a church and you are getting married on a Sunday are there church bells that will  ring? If  your wedding is on the beach is it in an area that has protection from the wind?

It is a good idea to have a back up plan too, especially if your wedding is in an area that has no undercover sections. Some parks may have a rotunda that could be used for the ceremony, but some people prefer to check with the location of the reception just incase the weather is not appropriate, or the day decides that it will be torrential rain. Otherwise  if it is going to be held at the outdoor location no matter what, depending on the season, it might be a good idea to put on your invitation, that if it looks like rain to bring an umbrella.

In order to make your wedding ceremony as seamless as possible it is important to think about the underlying factors, things that will not necessarily be noticed by your guests on the day, but will make things run smoothly and help you create the best possible wedding ceremony.


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