Rituals and Readings in your ceremony

There are so many different rituals and readings that you can have in your ceremony, it is a great way to include people in your wedding. There are different ways that you can do this, the great thing about having your wedding performed your way is that you can choose how much or how little you want in it. You can choose how many readings or how many rituals you want in your ceremony, and the only thing that can stop you is your imagination and time restraints that might be applied to you by your venue.

Readings are always popular and are a great way to have close friends and family involved especially if you have had to leave someone out of your bridal party  or are not having a bridal party and want to give them a special job to do on the day. Readings are great because they can be exactly what you want to say, these can be serious or funny, they can be something that has been written by someone close to you or it can be something that you loved the moment that you read it. If people come from a religious background and the parents are not to happy that they are not getting married in a church, some people may want to put a bible reading or have a family member say a prayer.

There are some rituals that are used more than others and it really depends on who you want to incorporate into the wedding, as to what ones you might choose. One that is one of my personal favourites, especially at a small wedding, is the warming of the rings.  What happens in the warming of the rings, is that you have someone pass the rings amongst all the guests that you have invited to your wedding, and they are asked to hold them for a brief moment and make a wish, give their love and warm thoughts for you.  When they have all held them and wished their best, they are brought back to you so that you can then exchange your rings.

A great way if you want to have your family or parents involved in the service is to have a candle ceremony. Candle ceremonies can represent a few different things and there are variations on them, but they can be a great way to represent the family that you have each come from and to show that you are still a part of that family, but now are making a new family of your own. Or to show that you have come from these two families to now be  joined as one.

Sand ceremonies can be a great way to represent the blending of families, you can have little vials of sand to represent each family, or each person, and they can all be blended as words are said into new containers. These can be purchased from speciality places or they can be collected from various locations that are important to you and the members of your family.

There are so many rituals that you can choose, the internet is flooded with them. There are hundreds of books of readings and talking to other people can also inspire new ideas, you can write your own and start a new one that you invent. I could talk to people about these things for hours. If you are thinking about having ritauls and readings in your wedding, choose ones that you love and you feel comfortable with. That way it will come from the heart and leave a lasting impression on you and all of the guests that you have at your wedding.

Have you been to a wedding that had interesting and beautiful readings or rituals, or maybe not so interesting or a bit off? I’d love to hear about them all.


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