Nate and Megs beautiful beach wedding

From the moment I starting getting organised with Nate and Megs, I knew that there would be something very special about this wedding.  I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the website that they had organised. It was a great way to get to know them. On the website they had lots of useful information for their guests, information about the day, the location, information about how they met, and sections where they had written how they felt about each other. Also there was lots of information about the area, local attractions and places where out of town guests could stay.

I hadn’t been to Point Addis Beach before, and when I saw the beach for the first time it almost took my breath away. It is a beautiful part of the world with amazing cliffs and a great little section where we held the ceremony.

The week before the wedding we went down to Point Addis beach for a rehearsal of sorts and worked out the logistics of where we would stand where the signing table would go.  We went at the same time of day as the wedding was planned for, so  we could see were the sun would be, and what the tide would be doing. These are all things that people sometimes forget about but are all things that need to be considered when you’re planning an outdoor wedding. We also met with the photographer Steve Sowden, it was a great to get an idea of what photos he would be taking on the day.

Not only was it a great place to have a wedding, but the ceremony was fantastic. Nate and Megs had so much input into their ceremony, and the vows that they had were amazing. I think that it might have helped that Nate is a song writer, but when I first read these vows, I had to hold back the tears myself. But what I found truly special about this wedding, is that this wedding was about uniting a family. It wasn’t just about Nate and Megs becoming husband and wife, there was also room in this special day for someone else who is a huge part of their lives, their little girl. Nate and Megs had beautiful rings especially made, that had the coastline of the beach were they were married etched into them, they also had a special pendant made up, which was presented to their little girl by Nate, who also shared some very special vows at the same time.  Not only were the words  they shared heartfelt, intimate and beautiful, the spot had significance to them as a family. It was fantastic that they could share a beautiful service in such a breathtaking setting.



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3 responses to “Nate and Megs beautiful beach wedding

  1. Lozz

    Beautiful Deb!! 🙂

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