Wedding Music

Wedding music plays such a big part on your special day. You need music for when guests are gathering, or arriving at the venue. You need to think about what music will play when you, or your wife to be, walk down the aisle. You need to think of which songs will have play when you are signing the Marriage Register, and you need songs that will conclude your ceremony. These are just at the wedding ceremony itself, before you even think about the reception or for your first dance.

Music is so personal, I love the way that it represents people’s personalities. I get excited when I hear the songs that couples choose for the moments in their wedding, especially if it is not a song that I am familiar with. I love listening to them and thinking about what the songs mean to the couple. It is interesting to see just how different people’s song choices are. I have been at weddings where the songs alone can make you shed a tear and take your breath away.

I have spoken to people who are not in a relationship or even near deciding to get married who tell me, “I’m going to have this song at my wedding.” I have heard songs that people are having and wondered about the significance, and then some other friends have had songs at their wedding which I hadn’t heard and soon became some of my favourites.  A couple very special to me had their first dance to ‘Sweet Child of Mine.’ They compromised and didn’t have the Guns and Roses version, but it was one fantastic wedding dance.  Some people just leave it to the DJ on the night, and other couples ask their guests what songs they would like to hear at the wedding, or some people co-ordinate in great detail the order of their songs. My cousin had some of the best music at a wedding I have heard. He wrote and performed songs for his new wife, they danced to Muse, and during the night I heard a pixies song that is very dear to my heart.

Have you been to a wedding where the songs that the couple chose just blew you away? What were they? What did you have at your wedding, or want if you are not yet married?


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