Em and Jule’s renewal of vows

Recently, I had the privilege of marring my best friend and her husband. They had originally married two years before at a registry office and my friend was always cross that she didn’t get to have the whole white wedding. So she decided that she would just do it, and what a magnificent day it was.

They were already legally married, so we had a renewal of vows ceremony, which allows you to do pretty much whatever you want. You can have rings, have vows, or none of those things if you don’t want them. You can use the rings you already have or get new ones. It is really up to your imagination what can be done.

So I had the honour of marring them and still got to be a member of their bridal party. So I feel doubly lucky. I can now begin to understand how my step father must have felt when he performed my wedding. There is something truly special about helping someone who means so much to you exchange promises with each other and watching the look in their eyes and they pledge their love to one another.

The wedding ceremony itself was on the paddle steamer Rothbury. After the ceremony concluded we all ventured down stairs and enjoyed watching the scenery while we drank wine, ate and shared lovely company. The paddle steamer dropped us off at the beautiful Trentham Estate Winery, where we enjoyed a lovely lunch and after a couple of hours there we got back on the boat.  The Rothbury took us back to the Mildura Wharf where we were then driven to the dinner reception. We were joined there by another 50 or so guests where we all partied, enjoyed a lolly bar, chocolate fountain and fairy floss, and had our photos taken in a specially set up ‘photo booth’ area with props and dress ups.

All of it was so much fun, the planning was great, it was really easy for me to suggest readings and rituals that they could use in the ceremony, it helps that I know them both so well, although sometimes these things come quite easily when I meet a couple and talk to them for a while it is easy to determine what is important to them and what things are a priority. I must say I had great fun helping these guys with suggestions for their vows and found it really interesting which ones each of them ended up having as their final vows.

I must say it was a fantastic time. I had a blast.

Thanks to Blueberry Studio for the use of your beautiful images.



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3 responses to “Em and Jule’s renewal of vows

  1. Em

    Thank you, Deb for being such an important part of our special day, and for helping to make it so meaningful.
    You are a true professional, and a wonderful friend. Both Jules and I appeciate your contribution to making our day a success. Your advice and ideas about wedding planning were invaluable, and I don’t know what I would have done without your patience and support during the organisation phase of the wedding vow renewal.
    Thank you for listening to my concerns and offering your sage advice regarding both our vows and also with other parts of the “wedding”. I hope we can go back and do it all again some day! 🙂

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